Thai Spa in Antigua Guatemala

thai spa

Savor the rewards of a healthier lifestyle while indulging in the pleasures of the resplendent Thai Spa at Hotel Soleil La Antigua.

In the spirit of ancient Thai and Balinese healing practices, the Thai Spa welcomes guests to release the stresses of everyday life and ascend to a more peaceful state – of spiritual serenity, emotional enlightenment and physical healing.

The Thai Spa incorporates natural products and herbs into holistic therapies and treatments developed especially for our guests. Step inside and you are immediately immersed in the mystical aromas and textures of the Far East.

To make a reservation at the Thai Spa, please call 7879-4448 or email


Traditional Thai (60 minutes)

This oil-free massage improves blood circulation and relieves ailments by giving special attention to the back and legs.

U.S. $ .50.00

Thai Herbal Balls (60 Minutes)

Ideal for tired and aching muscles, this massage features hot compression balls, filled with herbs to help you feel refreshed.

U.S. $ .70.00

Lomi Lomi (60 Minutes)

An exotic and intense deep massage based on the Hawaiian philosophy. 

U.S. $ .60.00

Balinese (60 Minutes)

This full body massage with scented oil is characterized by the use of acupressure techniques on the back, benefiting the lymphatic area while restoring daily balance.

U.S. $ .60.00


This massage is designed to release tension in the head, shoulders and back. 

U.S. $ .60.00

Indian Head Massage (60 minutes)

Blending natural oils with acupressure techniques, this massage clears and revitalizes the mind, improves concentration and relieves eyestrain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia. 

U.S. $ .55.00

Foot Relaxation

The art of reflexology is based on the principle that the soles of the feet are the points that connect to every organ of our body. Pressing these areas seeks to balance the functioning of the organs, relax the body and relieve certain ailments.

U.S. $ .60.00

 * These prices do not include gratuity. 


Hydrating Treatment

Facial for day skin, it incresses the moisturize levels and stimulates circulation. Leaves skin completely clean  and calm.

U.S. $ .65.00


Balancing Treatment

Purifying facil tha helps to balance the skin and control the excess of oil in the "T" zone. By refining the dilated pores it also cleans, moisturizes and softens skin.

U.S. $ .65.00

Desensitizing Treatment

Facial for sensitive skins, allergie or overexposed to the sun. It is a curative treatment, hydrating, desensitizing and cooling that to help reduce redness and irritation of the skin.

U.S. $ .65.00

Deep Cleasing Treatment

Facial for all skin types that need the removal of blackheads. It deeply cleanses, purifies, firms and moisturizes the skin. Includes extraction.

U.S. $ .70.00

Free Radicals

For thirsty skin, this hot mask penetrates the pores, using vitamins A and E to reduce the effect of premature aging.

U.S. $ .95.00

Regenerating Treatment

Smoothes fine expression lines and gives the skin a much younger look.

U.S. $ .70.00


With a combination of seaweed and propolis, this rejuvenating facial combines the healing power of the sea and the rejuvenating effects of bee extract. Recommended for skin that has suffered from acne, scars or light damage.

U.S. $ .85.00 

Acne Treatment 

Effective control for acne, leaving skin clean and fresh. It controls and prevents outbreaks of the bacteria. Reduces infections, inflammation and purifies the skin. 

U.S. $ .75.00 

* These prices do not include gratuity.

Body Treatments

Tropical Treatment

With a delicious blend of tamarind and honey, this treatment cleanses and exfoliates the skin using natural rice, which has been a beauty secret of Thai women for centuries.

U.S. $ .50.00

Aromatherapy Revitalizing

Restores shine and softness to your skin by removing dead cells with sea salt. The aroma of this treatment will cleanse your senses, leaving you with a sense of comfort and relaxation.

U.S. $ .60.00

Barro Purifier

This warm mud wrap has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin, while stimulating circulation, relieving stress, promoting cell regeneration and eliminating toxins.

U.S. $ .60.00

Mud Desert

Designed to relieve fatigue and stress, this red algae mixture rich in magnesium and zinc provides rapid healing power to the skin and muscles. 

U.S. $ .60.00

Refreshing Coffee

This anti-cellulite envelope tones skin texture and removes excess liquid retained by the body

U.S. $ .60.00

Seaweed Detox

This treatment improves circulation and detoxification of the skin using minerals, vitamins and enzymes that contain algae.

U.S. $ .60.00

Luxury Packages

Dream of Asia

For the most relaxing experience of your life, this package combines a Balinese massage or Lomi Lomi with a basic Pevonia facial .

U.S. $ .94.00

Body Rejuvenating

Look your best with a combination of sea salt exfoliation and aromatherapy, combined with the benefits of a Balinese massage or Lomi Lomi.

U.S. $ .105.00

Siam Secrets

Designed for two, this package includes an exfoliation of tamarind, a Balinese massage or Lomi Lomi, and a refreshing Pevonia  facial to finish. A delicious tub of roses and warm herbal tea offer the perfect complement.

U.S. $ .300.00

Experience Asian

Experience a unique package that includes a steam bath, an invigorating exfoliation of tamarind, a massage or Lomi Lomi and Balinese Pevonia facial moisturizer . 

U.S. $ .170.00

Paradise in Antigua

A deluxe package designed for those who really want to indulge and relax, this package includes an invigorating steam bath to relax your muscles, a tamarind peel to improve your skin, a relaxing Balinese massage or Lomi Lomi, a hydrating mud wrap to refresh and mineralize the skin, and finally a stimulating Pevonia facial .

U.S. $ .210.00

Thai Energizing

Enjoy a unique and exotic Thai massage accompanied by a refreshing Jacuzzi soak with bubbles and sea salts.

U.S. $ 70.00

Relaxing and Rejuvenating

Slip into a deep state of relaxation with the soothing massage of your choice along with a tub of sea salt or a nice lift.

U.S. $ 75.00

Mystic Sky

Indulge in a one-hour massage and half-hour Thai Balinese massage before finishing with a relaxing Jacuzzi with bubbles and sea salts.

U.S. $ 100.00

* Promotions and discounts do not apply to luxury packages.

* These prices do not include gratuity


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